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Getting Here

Getting Here

Getting Here By Road

We are located in Norris Point, Neddies Harbour, just a 5 minutes drive south of Rocky Harbour.
Coordinats: 49° 31' 29" N  57° 51' 38" W   (dd° mm' ss")
                      49.52472° N  -57.86056° E   (dd.ddddd°)
                      49°31.483 N   51° 634 W   (dd° mm.mmm)
                      21U 437720 E  5486140 N   (UTM)

Nearest exit off Trans Canada Highway

Exit no. 16, to hwy 430, Deer Lake, 1 hr. away from Neddies Harbour Inn

Nearest airport

Deer Lake (YDF), 1 hr. away from Neddies Harbour Inn

Nearest Marine Atlantic ferry terminal

Channel Port aux Basques, 4 – 5 hrs. away from Neddies Harbour Inn

Nearest Service Centers

Corner Brook, 1 hr. 30 min. away from Neddies Harbour Inn
Deer Lake, 1 hr. away from Neddies Harbour Inn

Coming from Deer Lake

Take exit no. 16 from the Trans Canada Highway in Deer Lake. Follow hwy 430 (Viking Trail) towards Bonne Bay – Rocky Harbour. Don't turn left onto hwy 431 in Wiltondale. Keep on going on hwy 430 over the Southeast Hills and along the Eastern Arm of Bonne Bay. Follow the road signs to Norris Point. In Norris Point, turn left at the gas station and follow the signs to Neddies Harbour Inn (1.5 km from the gas station). Total driving time from Deer Lake to Norris Point is about one hour.

Coming from the North

On highway 430 by-pass Rocky Harbour and follow the H-signs (Hospital). Don't turn left to the Bonne Bay Hospital; stay on the same road until you reach the gas station. Turn left towards Neddies Harbour and follow the signs to Neddies Harbour Inn.

Important note for car rentals.

Most major car rental companies have rental stations in St. John' and Deer Lake. During peak season (July and August) fleets are often not sufficient to satisfy the demand. Early reservation is highly recommended.

Driving conditions on Newfoundland's roads and live highway cameras.

Getting Here By Sea

Make a sea cruise part of your travels when you visit Newfoundland and Labrador. Then you'll know why they say half the fun is getting there.

Marine Atlantic's ferries accommodate all vehicles year round from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques in southwestern Newfoundland. The ferry to Port aux Basques brings you to the south west coast of Newfoundland and within a few hours of driving distance from Norris Point and Neddies Harbour Inn.

Throughout the summer, a second ferry sails from North Sydney to Argentia, bringing you to within an hour or two of St. John's. This offers a great opportunity for a round trip.

Marine Atlantic ferries offer a wide variety of on board accommodations and features, including deluxe cabins, dormitory sleepers, full meal and beverage service, live entertainment, movies, and children's activity programs.

Whenever you're on the water, be prepared to be entertained and amazed by wonderful natural spectacles like Humpback and Minke Whales that appear in season, or the many varieties of seabirds that roost in huge coastal colonies. Ferries are floating observation platforms. Along the eastern coastline, look for icebergs bigger than you ever imagined. Those who live by the sea swear that the best way to see Newfoundland and Labrador is from the water. Come see for yourself.

Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

Year-round vehicle and passenger ferry service is provided by Marine Atlantic between North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Crossing time is 6 hours. (This ferry connects with the trans-island bus service.)

From mid-June to mid-September, an additional ferry operates between North Sydney and Argentia in eastern Newfoundland, which is 45 kilometres from Route 1 and 131 kilometres from the provincial capital of St. John's. Crossing time is 12-14 hours.

Advance reservations are recommended. A toll-free telephone service is provided within most of North America. For more information on schedules and rates, please visit Marine Atlantic's web site and online reservation system

Getting Here By Air

When you choose to travel to Newfoundland and Labrador by air, you can be certain you can reach all areas of the province and immediately get close to the wonderful sights and happenings that you're coming for. Convenient schedules and flight times help you make your travel plans to suit your purpose.

Wherever you're departing from, there's a wide variety of international and connector airlines at your service. From anywhere in Canada, from all across North America, from major gateways and cities, in the USA, and from Northern Europe, modern jet travel is available to bring you here. Start your vacation-of-a-lifetime on a high note. Get in touch with your travel agent to get your trip off the ground.


Air Canada, Air Canada Tango, and Air Canada Jazz operate regular air service to Newfoundland and Labrador, with connections available from all major centres in the United States and Canada. WestJet offers regular 'discount' service to Newfoundland.WestJet offers service throughout Canada. Air Canada Jazz, Provincial Airlines, and Air Labrador provide regular service within Newfoundland and Labrador. Air Labrador also offers service through St. Anthony to many points in Labrador. Provincial Airlines also offers service to the French island of St. Pierre.

Approximate travel times by air

Depart Arrive Duration
Boston St. John's 3 hours
London, England St. John's 5 hours
Montreal St. John's 2 hours
Toronto St. John's 3 hours
Halifax St. John's 1 hr 30mins
St. John's Wabush / Labrador 2 hr 15mins. (2 stops)
St. John's Goose Bay 1 hr 40mins. (1 stop)
St. John's Deer Lake 50 mins

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