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Boutique Accommodations

At Neddies Harbour Inn, we’re dedicated to making your stay with us is memorable. We promise to do our very best to provide warm and welcoming hospitality with a focus on environmental, cultural and social sustainability.

We bring tourism in Gros Morne National Park to a new level by focusing on:

• The natural beauty of the Gros Morne area

• Providing quality accommodations, products and services

• Ensuring a holistic guest experience that will create unforgettable memories

• Minimizing our own as well as our guest’s footprint on the environment

Whether you choose to enjoy the boutique hotel-style accommodations of Neddies Harbour Inn, or opt for one of our vacation homes, it’s all about you – our guest. But please don’t forget the generations to come after us.

The Founders, Bettina Lori and Herbert Schuhmacher

From their first visit in 1994, your hosts, Herbert and Bettina, could think of little else until they moved from Switzerland to Newfoundland three years later. They would tell you it was the call of the wild. Seek their advice on your day’s activities and you’ll discover their utter love and in-depth knowledge of Gros Morne National Park and the neighbouring landscape. “We want to honour our island home by offering a holistic and pleasurable Newfoundland experience with the least possible impact on nature,” says Bettina.

Meet Bettina Lori, the heart and soul behind our establishment, along with her cherished new four-legged companion, Shipu. Despite facing the loss of her late husband in 2017, Bettina keeps Herbert's legacy strong through her unwavering dedication to providing guests with an exceptional experience. Bettina's commitment remains unshakable, a testament to her strength and resilience.

Originally from Switzerland, Herbert and Bettina fell in love with Newfoundland during their first visit in 1994. Three years later, they made it their permanent home, drawn by the allure of the wild, the breathtaking scenery of Gros Morne National Park, and the warmth of the people, whose vibrant culture sealed their decision to stay.

 Bettina is dedicated to offering guests an unforgettable Newfoundland experience while preserving the environment. She shares her local knowledge enthusiastically, contributes to community activities like Search and Rescue, and enjoys outdoor adventures with Shipu. Despite changes, her vibrant spirit ensures every guest feels welcomed and leaves with cherished memories.

The Innkeeper / General Manager, Annette Parsons

Annette Parsons, our Partner & Manager, has been an essential part of Neddies Harbour Inn from its beginning, filling our establishment with dedication, expertise, and care. From the initial stages of planning to daily operations, Annette's unwavering commitment has been instrumental in shaping our identity and success.

 Transitioning from innkeeper to partner, Annette remains the heart of Neddies Harbour Inn. Her leadership focuses on making guest feel at home and happy, all while ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes. Ensuring a welcoming and warm atmosphere for all.

Her presence enriches the Neddies Harbour Inn experience, and we're immensely grateful for her pivotal role. Her tireless efforts, compassion, and steadfast dedication make her an exceptional leader and invaluable asset to our team.

 Annette truly enhances the experience at Neddies Harbour Inn, and we're so thankful for her crucial role. Her hard work, caring nature, and dedication make her an outstanding leader and a vital part of our team.

The Chef, Jason Lynch

Our Culinary Visionary and Partner

Chef Jason Lynch, a culinary master renowned for his regional fare with global flair, has been an integral part of our establishment since 2007. Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley, Jason’s culinary journey began in 1996, and after refining his skills at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Ontario, he returned to his roots to make a lasting mark on the Wolfville food scene.

As our esteemed partner, Chef Lynch brings not only his exceptional talent but also his wealth of experience and wisdom to our team. Since joining us, he has played a pivotal role in shaping our culinary identity, advocating the the use of local produce and ingredients to create unforgettable dining experiences for our guests.

Beyond his role as an executive chef, Jason now serves as a mentor to our young chefs, imparting his knowledge and expertise with generosity and passion. His guidance and leadership have been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of culinary talent within our establishment.

Join us at The Black Spruce and savor the exquisite creations crafted by Chef Jason Lynch and his dedicated team. With his visionary approach to cuisine and commitment to excellence, he continues to elevate our dining experience to new heights.

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