Management Team

The Owners, Bettina Lori and Herbert Schuhmacher

Bettina Lori & Herbert Schuhmacher, owners of Neddies Harbour InnFrom their first visit in 1994, your hosts, Herbert and Bettina, could think of little else until they moved from Switzerland to Newfoundland three years later. They would tell you it was the call of the wild. Seek their advice on your day’s activities and you’ll discover their utter love and in-depth knowledge of Gros Morne National Park and the neighbouring landscape. “We want to honour our island home by offering a holistic and pleasurable Newfoundland experience with the least possible impact on nature,” says Bettina. In the off-season, you’ll find Herbert tinkering with electronic gadgets, while Bettina volunteers with Search and Rescue and other community activities. And let’s not forget the third member of the family: Nukka the Yellow/Red Lab…an area search and rescue dog. She offers her own brand of service and hospitality.

The Innkeeper / General Manager, Annette Parsons

Annette has been with us since Neddies Harbour Inn was in it's initial planning phase, and she has shared with us all the fun, as well as the headaches, that came with it. It didn't take her long to earn our friendship and recognition as a competent and trustworthy adviser, and many of the inn's features and properties carry Annette's signature. Annette is the heart and soul of Neddies Harbour Inn. We like to call her the innkeeper because she works very hard to keep everything together and goes out of her way to make guests feel welcome and “at home”. She's like a good friend to the guests and like a well respected, loving mom to the employees. In her private life, if there is any of it left, she's a loving and loved mom and wife to her three children and her husband, as well as a very dedicated hockey mom, during the season, and a wonderful cook. She likes to be active, to walk, and she even finds time to do volunteer work in the community.

The Chef, Jason Lynch

Chef Jason Lynch creates regional fare with global flair.

Chef Jason Lynch and his dynamic staff are known for creating incredible food using only the finest ingredients. Lynch grew up in the Annapolis Valley and has worked in the Wolfville food industry since 1996, after studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Ontario. Lynch joined Le Caveau’s team at the Grand Grand Pré Winery in 2003. In 2007, he was named the restaurant’s executive chef and also joined Neddies Harbour Inn. In both restaurants, he has proven himself to be one of the maritimes leading masters in cooking, and prefers to use local produce and ingredients whenever possible. Having been our executive chef since 2007, Lynch certainly knows what our customers want and love. While focusing on regional products, Lynch provides guests at The Black Spruce with a real taste of Newfoundland.

Join us for dinner and let Jason and his team prepare an unforgettable dining experience.

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The Sous-Chef, Joy Newman

Born and raised on the Northern Peninsula, our sous-chef Joy is a proud and true Newfoundlander. She gained her culinary talents while working in a variety of food service businesses for the past twenty years. We are delighted that her passion for international cuisine brought her back home to obtain her Red Seal Inter-Provincial certification, and to join The Black Spruce team. Each time Chef Jason creates a new seasonal menu, it's Joy’s pleasure to interpret his unique style of cooking. She combines local and international flavours with subtle flair, preserving the delicate flavours of seafood fresh from the waters surrounding Newfoundland.

Joy is a tremendous asset to The Black Spruce restaurant. Her love and pride for her work appears on every plate she prepares.