Newfoundland and Neddies Harbour Inn showcased in UAE Newspaper

This is an excerpt of Jini Reddy’s article concerning Neddies Harbour Inn:

With time limited, I’m grateful we get stuck in straight away. Although it is possible to camp or rent a cabin within the park, our base is Neddies Harbour Inn, in Norris Point, one of the many sleepy coastal communities within Gros Morne and about an hour’s drive from Deer Lake, where I had flown in from St John’s. (You can drive here from the capital, but it’s a day-long, 700km journey.)

Comfortable and informal, the guesthouse is in a glorious spot, backing on to a beach and overlooking the beautiful, serene Bonne Bay. The latter, a fjord carved by glaciers, opens west onto the Gulf of St Lawrence. It is also the playground for minke whales, and from the garden, I spot three breaching within the space of 30 minutes.

Also within view of the guesthouse are the bronze-coloured Tablelands, arguably the park’s star attraction. With their flattish surface they might look like a landing pad for a UFO, but in fact they’re a slice of ancient ocean floor forced up when the continents of Africa and North America collided millions of years ago. They’re also the oldest exposed rocks on the planet, poetically known as the centre of the earth.

On our last day I participate in a mock search and rescue, a novel activity set up by the owners of Neddies Harbour Inn, Herbert Schuhmacher and Bettina Lori. The key component of the rescue team are far better-looking than any Baywatch hunk: Ijiatsuk and Pishum are a Golden Retriever and a black Labrador who, a couple of times a year, are called into service to help track down lost hikers. I play the hapless victim, and the dogs perform with brio, tracking me down in no time, and hurtling from human rescuer to myself in a sort of relay, until we’re reunited.

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