Is Tripadvisor such a great tool?

If you read trough different Blogs you will find all kind of positive and negative comments from both sides, travellers and operators. We think Tripadvisor is indeed a great source of information shared by fellow travelers all over the world. For us tourism operators Tripadvisor provides the opportunity to share customer experiences and opinions with a broad online community.

To take advantage and make good use of the information available, travelers need a bit of insight how the information exchange and information gathering on Tripadvisor works. The best way of getting familiar with Tripadvisor is to use it and use it a lot. The more posts you read and evaluate the more experience you will gain in screening information to your advantage.

While looking up properties you will most likely find positive and negative comments. Even the very best properties get negative comments mainly for two reasons: First of all, nobody is perfect and mistakes and misunderstandings do happen.

Secondly, even the best and most caring properties are not able to please everybody and to meet everybody’s expectations. By reading as many posts as possible, negative and positive ones, you will soon learn how to separate the notorious complainers from posters with legitimate and constructive complaints and concerns. A good rule of thumb is always to disregard the extremest posts on both the negative and the positive side.

With this strategy you’ll be able to eliminate forged posts by owners and user posts intended to hurt a property rather than provide objective information to other users.

What are your experiences with Tripadvisor? It would be great to hear both sides, travellers and operators.